An Excellent Way to Meet Other People

When a friend mentioned desi people to me, I didn’t understand what she was talking about. Maybe I’ve lived in Canada too long, but I didn’t get the reference. I still don’t, actually, but I definitely use the site and get a lot of enjoyment out of doing so. It’s a social media site, sort of, where you post pictures of yourself. You can also post videos of shows and various things. It’s a social media site in that you can communicate with the people on the site, but it’s also one of those rate me sites where you grade people.

The latter really turned me off initially. People are very cruel when it comes to someone’s looks, and they’re even more so when they can do it anonymously through the internet. I’ve read horror stories about people getting trolled and down voted online and then doing something drastic in real life because their ego couldn’t stand the negative attacks. I certainly didn’t want to post my photo and have people turn me into a punching bag. My friend laughed and said it wasn’t really like that unless you posted something so idiotic that you practically begged to get made fun of by site users.

So I made an account and put up some recent photos and waited to see if someone would be interested in chatting or even maybe meeting up in real life. I didn’t need to wait long. I got a lot of great responses, very positive and supportive, and chatted up several people who seem really interesting. I’ve already made several new online friends and we talk pretty regularly. I’m not sure I’m ready to meet up in real life with any of them yet, but it’s still nice to have some new online friends. I really love the site.